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in turn

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  • 1In succession; one after the other.

    ‘everyone took it in turn to attack my work’
    • ‘The team of four anglers took it in turn to fish the same swim and over a period of months took over a hundred fish.’
    • ‘They had to shout bogies in turn louder and louder - the loudest to shout was the winner.’
    • ‘The band are in turn calling themselves very important and very brilliant at the same time.’
    • ‘Each of us in turn would go down on our hands and knees and get a drink of the lovely spring water.’
    • ‘The three of us went out to the landing, in turn peering through the tiny window into the lift.’
    • ‘Place the pears in the bowl of water and lemon juice while you are preparing each one in turn.’
    • ‘We each had a big bag of polystyrene balls and were taking it in turn to pour them out and ski down them.’
    • ‘Cue much huddling and giggling and we all get to take it home for the night in turn.’
    • ‘A dealer is chosen and deals in turn to the players and themselves four cards each.’
    • ‘These lures can be divided into three divisions, and I will deal with each of these in turn.’
    one after the other, one by one, one at a time, in succession, successively, sequentially, in order
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    1. 1.1Used to convey that an action, process, or situation is the result of a previous one.
      ‘he would shout until she, in her turn, lost her temper’
      • ‘Fish, in their turn, get to carnivores and in this way poison gets into a man's meal.’
      • ‘The school system is a microcosmic image of a tyrannical society - the rich older boys rule the roost while the juniors bide their time, accepting the bullying, waiting to become bullies in their turn.’
      • ‘Shareholders issue these vouchers to tenants who in turn issue them to employees.’
      • ‘For half the year this is a salt lake full of krill, which in turn attracts millions of flamingos.’
      • ‘Front gardens have turned into driveways, which in turn have become mini car parks.’
      • ‘They in turn would identify the relevant vehicle and stop it at a safe place in order to speak to the driver.’
      • ‘The Government in turn are guilty of neglect for failing to do anything about it.’
      • ‘This in turn span the phone up into an arc whereupon I went to grab it with all the grace of an England fielder.’
      • ‘The depression of the pan would in turn lift up a valve and allowed water to flow out.’
      • ‘They in turn returned it to the parish and it has been kept in safe keeping ever since.’