Meaning of inaccurately in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈakjʊrətli/

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  • In an incorrect or inexact manner.

    ‘the bank has been fined for inaccurately reporting stock market trades’
    • ‘Her writings reflect her commitment to the underclass whose lives are often portrayed inaccurately in American literature.’
    • ‘Discount rates or calculations of net present value are often applied inappropriately or calculated inaccurately.’
    • ‘Many of these forms were completed inaccurately, which led to unacceptable delays in payment being made.’
    • ‘Many terms and words in the glossary are described inaccurately at their best and downright erroneously at their worst.’
    • ‘Computers were good, but an inaccurately phrased request could produce some very interesting results.’
    • ‘Unfairly and inaccurately called a traitor and a Bolshevik, she never reneged on her commitments to civil liberties or to pacifism.’
    • ‘His argument that the media invariably and inaccurately portrays single women as pathetic is a little hackneyed.’
    • ‘As stated, that statistic is, in fact, wrong; the problem is that the organization is inaccurately quoting the statistic.’
    • ‘In April, the SEC recommended action against the company for inaccurately reporting revenue.’
    • ‘Data from the 1989 Voyager 2 flyby showed that the mass of Neptune had been inaccurately measured.’