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Pronunciation /ˌɪnədˈmɪsɪbl/

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  • 1(especially of evidence in court) not accepted as valid.

    ‘he held that such evidence was inadmissible’
    • ‘It is extremely likely that these witnesses would either lie or be giving inadmissible hearsay evidence.’
    • ‘In a trial, however, such evidence would be inadmissible hearsay: a victim's out-of-court statements offered to prove their truth.’
    • ‘They are ruled on straight away, and a whole lot of what turns out to be irrelevant and inadmissible evidence does not come near the court.’
    • ‘Traditionally hearsay evidence was inadmissible, subject to certain defined exceptions.’
    • ‘In R v. Abbey, the Court held that an expert opinion based on inadmissible hearsay evidence is admissible, provided it is relevant.’
    • ‘Unfortunately it was dropped only at the last minute with the result that the witness statements contain inadmissible evidence of details of the contractual negotiations.’
    • ‘This court has ruled that that evidence was inadmissible.’
    • ‘At one time there was also the rule that expert opinion evidence was inadmissible on the ultimate issue in the case.’
    • ‘There's only been two times when the courts have considered this, and on both occasions the courts have ruled that that evidence is inadmissible.’
    • ‘It follows that, even if the evidence was inadmissible, and the judge's ruling was wrong, this cannot provide a valid ground for appeal in the present case.’
    • ‘Patently the jury did not receive a careful instruction of that kind, and the situation was aggravated by the citation of the inadmissible evidence.’
    • ‘In the circumstances, neither under our old domestic law nor under any Convention law, is there any question of the evidence being inadmissible in the absence of objections.’
    • ‘The California court held that peer review evidence was inadmissible and upheld a jury verdict for the defendant.’
    • ‘A judge often reads or hears inadmissible evidence and then rejects it - sometimes it is admitted - and then later on the judge says for various reasons I give it no weight.’
    • ‘While the authors never suggest that the judges in question were bad, their work does find judges to be fallible when it comes to ignoring inadmissible evidence.’
    • ‘The trial judge found that the evidence was inadmissible.’
    • ‘Anonymous testimony and intelligence based on hearsay are often inadmissible in civilian courts.’
    • ‘Unless the Crown proves that the document served upon the accused was a copy, the evidence is simply inadmissible.’
    • ‘However, this is true any time a suspect confesses after being confronted with inadmissible evidence, and it does not necessarily render the confession involuntary.’
    • ‘I have considered the potential prejudice and possible means to eliminate or minimize it with respect to each area of inadmissible evidence and also their cumulative effect.’
    not allowable, invalid, not acceptable, unacceptable, unallowable, impermissible, disallowed, forbidden, prohibited, precluded
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  • 2Not to be allowed or tolerated.

    ‘an inadmissible interference in the affairs of the Church’
    • ‘The CPC has to decide on whether the Government has allowed an inadmissible state aid by awarding the concession without a competitive procedure.’
    • ‘Whatever criticisms we may have of publicly funded healthcare, it is surely inadmissible to allow the Republican right to use them as a justification for cutting public funding even further.’
    • ‘What he does not say, however, is that only naturalistic hypotheses are allowed in evolutionary debates - creationist arguments are ruled inadmissible before the debate begins.’