Meaning of inalterably in English:



See inalterable

‘And for those of us (a dwindling band) who as journalists covered the two conclaves that year, the memories are etched inalterably in our minds.’
  • ‘But this isn't just a matter of a carefree spirit oppressed by the inalterably closed minds of a tight-knit, traditional community.’
  • ‘Antoine tries to catch up with his wife at the station but is too late, leading to another bar detour and an encounter with a morose young man who inalterably changes the lives of the unhappily married couple.’
  • ‘The record spins slowly, wobbling on the turntable, emitting crackly waves of virtually unrecognizable music, the melodies inalterably splintered and the rhythms disrupted.’
  • ‘We've not only introduced new animals and plants, but we've also inalterably paved and built on vast expanses of former wilderness.’



/ɪnˈɔːlt(ə)rəbli/ /ɪnˈɒlt(ə)rəbli/