Meaning of inamorata in English:


Pronunciation /ɪˌnaməˈrɑːtə/


  • A person's female lover.

    ‘his new inamorata is a twenty-two-year-old mannequin named Jennifer’
    • ‘However he kept the flame burning bright writing passionate love letters to his inamorata.’
    • ‘Predictably, in the main duet for the lovers, the young man alternately draws his inamorata to him, molding her as if she were clay in his hands, and swings her outward in sapling-in-spring shapes.’
    • ‘Then they'll see that their inamoratas cannot remain faithful.’
    • ‘But her main role would be as Hirschfeld's muse and playmate, his elfin inamorata, the one editor to whom he paid devoted attention.’
    • ‘The perfect song for the quasi-break up, if you're still hanging out with your inamorata, and aren't sure where things are going.’
    • ‘Claire turns up, in love, and wanting to use Anna's apartment for an assignation with her new inamorata.’
    • ‘If I ever somehow miraculously find myself with an inamorata, and I (God-forbid) break up with her, ‘Just Broke Up’ will find itself on repeat in my bedroom.’
    • ‘The inamorata of the title character in King Kong has been played by, respectively, Fay Wray, Jessica Lange and Naomi Watts.’
    • ‘Federico Bonelli and Inaki Urlezaga will dance the rather heroically-challenged part of Daphnis, the lover boy who languishes in a faint while his abducted inamorata risks ravishing by pirates.’
    girlfriend, girl, partner, significant other


Mid 17th century Italian, literally ‘enamoured’, feminine of inamorato (see inamorato).