Meaning of inappreciable in English:


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  • 1Too small or insignificant to be valued or perceived.

    ‘they are few in number and those numbers are inappreciable’
    • ‘He found that during the 1944-1991 interval the period was constant, but also indicated that there was an inappreciable fluctuation around 1989.’
    • ‘The production of this power, from the time of establishing the water columns in the mechanical structure termed by the inventor his ‘multiplicator,’ occupied an inappreciable period of time.’
    • ‘It has been contended, however, by Prof. Helmholtz, that inappreciable as may be its effect within known periods of time, the friction of the tidal wave must be slowly diminishing the Earth's rotatory motion, and must eventually destroy it.’
    • ‘This coupon is printed on thin paper, is of inappreciable weight, is without any intrinsic value in itself, and has upon it no picture of any kind and does not affect, in any way, the ascertaining of the proper tax payable upon the package, or interfere in any way with the collection of such tax.’
    • ‘The fastening element is provided with stops 11 secured to the horizontal base 3 and/or the vertical side wall 1 and/or 4 in an inappreciable distance from the both ends of the fastening elements, which prevent the displacement of the bound sheets inside the cover.’
    • ‘To one of the letters the Editor appended the following remarks: - ‘Mathematically speaking, some allowance must no doubt be made for the centrifugal action of the earth; but in the height of 100 yards it is so small as to be practically inappreciable.’’
    imperceptible, barely perceptible, minute, tiny, minuscule, slight, small, infinitesimal, microscopic, nanoscopic
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  • 2 archaic Too valuable to be properly estimated.

    • ‘Apart from the boredom, the condition of royalty is persuasively depicted in the film as involving a mixture of media intrusion, mildly petulant noblesse oblige, inappreciable wealth and preposterous high camp.’



/ˌɪnəˈpriːʃəb(ə)l/ /ˌɪnəˈpriːʃɪəb(ə)l/