Meaning of inappropriateness in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnəˈprəʊprɪətnəs/

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‘Our objections have been based upon the inappropriateness of the design, scale, materials and siting of their ill conceived new building, so close to a conservation area.’
  • ‘The Baroness (as she was known after her marriage to a shifty nobleman) and her friends worshipped novelty, inappropriateness, audacity, not piously but with ferocious abandon.’
  • ‘Similarly, although it would not be a crime, for example, to smoke pot on the steps of Parliament or in a playground, police could increase the fine depending on the perceived inappropriateness of the act.’
  • ‘‘I am truly sorry,’ Faith repeated, this time with more confidence as she realised the inappropriateness of her reaction, but the man waved away her apology.’
  • ‘Algeria's domestic wine market promptly collapsed and the inappropriateness of an Islamic country's heavy economic reliance on wine production became an immediate problem.’