Meaning of inarguable in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈɑːɡjʊəb(ə)l/


another term for unarguable
‘As a legal matter, this conclusion is inarguable.’
  • ‘This, it must be said, is pretty much inarguable.’
  • ‘Despite show-stopping good looks and inarguable talent, she just didn't seem to fit the mould for the ideal leading lady.’
  • ‘Because, when a ‘political figure’ becomes a ‘mythic figure’, whatever he stands for naturally becomes self-evident - and thus inarguable.’
  • ‘There are no obvious suspects or inarguable innocents.’
  • ‘The speed with which this was carried out demonstrates an inarguable historical fact: the Democratic Party is an instrument of big business.’
  • ‘Sympathetic though it is, his conclusion only sounds inarguable.’
  • ‘It's inarguable that there's a network effect in which low cost of production/high page volume can make text ads amazingly lucrative - and make the Blogspots of the world wonderfully high-margin ventures.’
  • ‘We can have the age-old debate over whether or not song lyrics are poetry - Kelly's words and form are simpler than Plath's, for instance - but I think the value of Paul Kelly to Australian literary culture is inarguable.’
  • ‘Let me preface this by emphasizing that I do not believe that any one poll is an inarguable, accurate reflection of the electorate… and that even if one is, a lot can change between now and Election Day.’
  • ‘It's usually defined as any religion that sticks very closely to a fundamental text (the Bible, Koran, Torah) and claims to have extracted some universal and inarguable truths.’
  • ‘She demonstrates that a feminist interpretation of Marxism, even one based on seemingly inarguable economic or material facts, is susceptible to the prejudices of race and class.’
  • ‘Almost all present certain arguable assertions as inarguable… and then if you go over to some other site, you'll find someone insisting the opposite is inarguable.’
  • ‘Her vision is nihilistic and absurd, yet, in its commitment to small-scale fantasy, an inarguable delight to behold - like a cheeky, philosophical pop-up book.’
  • ‘I leave it to you, dear reader, to draw the ninth, unstated lesson that seems to follow ineluctably from these eight relatively inarguable propositions.’
  • ‘Although it is inarguable that practically every scene is designed to evoke a kind of patronising sympathy for the men, nothing either of them does seems designed to inspire any sense of respect.’
  • ‘But here's something coming that's real, replicable, and thus inarguable.’
  • ‘It is inarguable that the amendment to Article 9 has conferred citizenship rights that are more liberal than any other EU country.’
  • ‘Without an objective, inarguable method for determining victory and defeat, the very meaning of the competition is lost.’
  • ‘On the face of it, some of its key findings are inarguable.’