Meaning of inarticulacy in English:



See inarticulate

‘What was important to us was to make a film that was about a kind of inarticulacy of experience, which was about how difficult it is to develop, whatever age you are - whether you're 17 or whether you're 40.’
  • ‘Yet for me, for whatever reason - maybe it was my small rebellion - it was inarticulacy that moved me.’
  • ‘His dewy-eyed, slightly fumbling sincerity - his brilliantly articulate impersonation of earnest inarticulacy - has all along been tied to this self-projection as a Good Man.’
  • ‘He's so laid back he's practically prone, closing down questions in a southern-fried drawl, acting the cool guy to the point of inarticulacy.’
  • ‘Sometimes his fist is raised in anger, always as a means to convey male frustration and inarticulacy.’