Meaning of inauthentic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɪnɔːˈθɛntɪk/


  • 1Not in fact what it is said to be.

    ‘these books were fabricated and contained inauthentic material’
    • ‘Protestants traditionally rejected the Apocrypha precisely because these books were fabricated and contained inauthentic material, despite the fact that these books might have been useful for evangelism.’
    • ‘Developers are turning new downtowns - flush with corporate chains like GAP and Starbucks - into a cartoonish, inauthentic version of American downtowns of yesteryear.’
    • ‘Imagine a generation of American teenagers starting Kabuki theatre groups in their garages, and you have some idea of the problem - inauthentic doesn't even begin to describe it.’
    • ‘So much is still obscure, corrupt and inauthentic in Ukrainian politics, but at the very heart of this change is something very authentic: human beings hoping to take control of their own destiny.’
    • ‘The subject was of course CBS's grudging acknowledgement that the 60 Minutes documents might possibly be inauthentic.’
    • ‘And to whom, exactly, do these documents look inauthentic?’
    • ‘By suggesting that voices of protest are somehow alien and inauthentic, those in authority seek to cloud the issues and evade accountability for their own actions.’
    • ‘Popular culture is decadent and degenerate, and we're doomed as a civilisation to a relentless decline into inauthentic, commercialised pap.’
    inauthentic, unconvincing, unbelievable, incredible, ridiculous, absurd, preposterous
    1. 1.1Not genuinely belonging to a style or period.
      ‘baroque harpsichord pieces played on the decidedly inauthentic modern Steinway’
      • ‘The crenellated battlements are inauthentic 19th-century additions.’
      • ‘It was built from 1869-86, so is an inauthentic medieval castle.’
      • ‘The last section touches on possible motives for literary forgeries and inauthentic early texts.’
      • ‘There are numerous non-French vineyards pumping out inauthentic champagne.’
      • ‘Externally, it mixed a boxy Modernist-style shape with more traditional detailings such as inauthentic Georgian-style 'sash' windows.’
    2. 1.2Lacking sincerity.
      ‘people close to death could not waste time being inauthentic’
      • ‘That I might be one day disingenuous, inauthentic, think too much of myself, imagine that I know something more than somebody else knows and get run away - let this thing run away with me.’
      • ‘But I started talking about my sex life because what is causing me problems in my work life is feeling dishonest, feeling inauthentic, and feeling insecure.’
      • ‘Everyone is a caricature, manufactured and inauthentic.’
      • ‘In so many places, real life has retreated, squeezed out by the inauthentic and the superficial.’
      • ‘He comes across as a shallow, inarticulate man, simplistic in speech and inauthentic in manner.’