Meaning of inauthenticity in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnɔːθɛnˈtɪsɪti/


See inauthentic

‘On the other hand, if a woman artist speaks of militarism, imperialism, war and capitalism, she is still frequently rapped on her knuckles for inauthenticity, for transgressing into areas beyond her area of competence.’
  • ‘Of course there are levels of inauthenticity, from reference and emulation to willful trickery, parody and outright forgery.’
  • ‘What makes this very funny book a very serious one is the way it uses the ongoing question of authenticity and inauthenticity to explore some basic problems of contemporary American culture.’
  • ‘After all, he works in an organization where inauthenticity reigns, where little truth is told, and where executives wouldn't know a feeling if it hit them in the face.’
  • ‘The author claims that historical, iconographic, pathological, physical, and chemical evidence points to inauthenticity.’