Meaning of incalculability in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnkalkjʊləˈbɪlɪti/


See incalculable

‘‘The refugee is a scandal for philosophy, and specifically for epistemology,’ explains Dillon, ‘in that the refugee recalls the radical instability of meaning and the incalculability of the human.’’
  • ‘The seeming incalculability of millions of stolen lives and billions of unpaid hours of labor must not preclude justice from achieving fruition.’
  • ‘With freedom comes an incalculability - and thus the world can never be reduced to mathematical logic.’
  • ‘Finally, how can the occasional incalculability of such data affect debates regarding the so-called ‘protestantization’ of England?’
  • ‘Is there an argument for saying that, in view of the almost utter incalculability of where we are going to be in 12 years’ time, that a 10-year charter might be too long, or, on the other hand, because of the incalculability, a 10-year charter might be too short?’