Meaning of incapacious in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnkəˈpeɪʃəs/


  • Narrow and confined.

    ‘an incapacious public house’
    • ‘two views of life were lodged in the corporal's incapacious head’
    • ‘In Japan, houses are very incapacious.’
    • ‘Incapacious retail outlets or eating places often beautify their rooms with mirrors on every and every wall.’
    • ‘We often need to begin by disabusing our education grad students of such incapacious ways of thinking about curriculum.’
    • ‘It is important for you not to put too many accents or ornaments in the room because it can make the small living room become much more incapacious.’
    • ‘These are fundamental defects, and are usually associated with a relatively feeble digestion, weak heart and incapacious lungs.’
    cramped, constricted, restricted, limited, confining, small, narrow, compact, tight, pinched, squeezed, poky, uncomfortable, inadequate, meagre