Meaning of incineration in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˌsɪnəˈreɪʃn/

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mass noun
  • The destruction of something, especially waste material, by burning.

    ‘waste disposal by incineration’
    • ‘waste incineration plants’
    • ‘Dioxins, along with several others chemicals including mercury, are the products of incineration.’
    • ‘Recycling paper saves more energy than is generated through its incineration.’
    • ‘He took part in the session on alternatives to waste incineration.’
    • ‘The group was originally formed to oppose the incineration of chemical weapons.’
    • ‘The country is likely to have up to seven incineration plants by 2015.’
    • ‘Limited incineration is already a key part of the government's waste management strategy.’
    • ‘In the United States, incineration plants are overwhelmingly built in low-income communities or communities of color.’
    • ‘Incineration also reduces the space requirements devoted to the noxious landfill facility.’
    • ‘Campaigners opposing incineration frequently object that it distracts from recycling.’
    • ‘The company is believed to be developing waste incineration technology.’