Meaning of incisure in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈsɪʒə/

nounplural noun incisures, plural noun incisurae/ˌɪnsɪˈʒʊəriː/

(also incisura)
  • A deep indentation or notch in an edge or surface.

    ‘The anterior belly arose from the digastric fossa and inserted on the side of the tendinous hyoid body and the posterior belly arose from the mastoid incisura and inserted on the styloid process.’
    • ‘A standard endaural incision is made passing through the incisura between the root of the helix and the tragus.’
    • ‘Following endoscopy, a gastric ulcer was diagnosed in the incisura angularis of a 28-year-old carpenter/joiner.’
    • ‘The incisure is continuous with the wide, deep channel which extends proximomedially across the ventral surface of the astragalus and supposedly carried the perforating artery.’
    • ‘As might be expected, there is no sign of an incisure on the distolateral margin of the intermedium for the perforating artery.’