Meaning of inciteful in English:



  • (of words, actions, etc.) offering incitement.

    ‘His lengthy, but inciteful piece in Salon this week explains in depth why he believes any possible war is not about oil.’
    • ‘Compton expressed ‘shock’ at the ‘savagery of the piece’ and that the Voice had allowed the printing of such ‘inflammatory and inciteful statements’ without a ‘single shred of factual support.’’
    • ‘Our top religious authority and body in Saudi Arabia issued a ruling, a religious ruling saying that it is un-Islamic to call people ‘infidels,’ because that's inciteful, and incitefulness leads to violence and the killing of innocents.’
    • ‘There are many inciteful clauses that threaten the dignity of our people.’



/ɪnˈsʌɪtfʊl/ /ɪnˈsʌɪtf(ə)l/