Meaning of inclined plane in English:

inclined plane


  • 1A plane inclined at an angle to the horizontal.

    ‘In these experiments, he rolled objects down an inclined plane; the traditional story that he dropped weights from the Leaning Tower of Pisa was a myth.’
    • ‘In particular the work contains his important idea that one could test theories about falling bodies using an inclined plane to slow down the rate of descent.’
    • ‘During that year he completely revised his treatise on mechanics and resumed his earlier studies of natural motion, discovering his first two correct theorems concerning motions along inclined planes.’
    • ‘Encourage children to make their own inclined planes to explore the speed and distance traveled by round objects of different weights and sizes.’
    • ‘A simple calculation of the area of a square would meet this criteria, as would calculating the forces acting on a particle on an inclined plane - but the understanding required to do them is vastly different.’
    predispose, lead, make, make of a mind to, dispose, bias, prejudice
    1. 1.1A sloping ramp up which heavy loads can be raised by ropes or chains.
      ‘To solve this problem, coal was lowered from the higher levels by means of an inclined plane, the long, narrow barges riding on iron frames operated by hand-winches.’
      • ‘I'm not that smart when it comes to things that do things, like cars, pulleys, and inclined planes.’
      • ‘Most of us don't need to research the physics behind inclined planes, levers, wheels, or axles to be confident that they generate power and make life easier for us large-brained, tool-making Homo sapiens.’