Meaning of inclusive fitness in English:

inclusive fitness


mass nounGenetics
  • The ability of an individual organism to pass on its genes to the next generation, taking into account the shared genes passed on by the organism's close relatives.

    ‘An individual's inclusive fitness depends not only on his own reproductive output but also on that of his helped relatives.’
    • ‘The theory of inclusive fitness can account for the evolution of selflessness as an adaptive strategy.’
    • ‘Put another way, genetically altruistic behaviors reduce an individual's inclusive fitness.’
    • ‘In men, inclusive fitness depends crucially upon sexual access, but in women the critical factor is the mother's ability to shepherd her offspring safely through the dangerous selection funnel of the juvenile period.’
    • ‘This situation extends to the parents: parasitic parents lose no inclusive fitness from enhanced offspring competitiveness, but host parents do lose fitness if their own offspring behave selfishly toward siblings.’