Meaning of incoherency in English:


nounplural noun incoherencies

See incoherent

‘They get suckered into the incoherency and think it's pure brilliance, when in reality, it's a waste of two hours.’
  • ‘He only got this job because we mistook his incoherencies and vagueness for nerves.’
  • ‘The trouble is that one is likely to think either that there is no plausible general argument in favor of the existence of such processes or that there is some logical incoherency in the very idea of them.’
  • ‘Although her father seemed to be in good physical condition, the measure of his incoherency was alarming.’
  • ‘The best man said nothing to assuage the ensuing lack of confidence, nor did Sandra, the bride's friend from our table, who got up and mumbled a few incoherencies about nightclubs and alcohol.’