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Pronunciation /ˈɪnkʌmɪŋ/

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  • 1In the process of coming in.

    ‘incoming passengers’
    • ‘There are presently only 50 stations to process incoming visitors, and that may not be adequate to handle the traffic surge.’
    • ‘In this process, incoming ballast water is spun rapidly to extract denser particles, which are then pumped back into the water outside.’
    • ‘The incoming energy is processed and compared against known agent spectra.’
    • ‘Thirty years on, by now a land artist with a particular interest in labyrinths, he found himself on a beach on Scotland's west coast, using similar skills to construct a work he knew would soon be washed away by the incoming tide.’
    • ‘Only the 1,566-foot long viaduct carrying the railway line across Morecambe Bay holds its own against the incoming tide - very exciting to watch.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, contact remained open, by mobile phone, between the lifeboat crew and the boys who managed to shelter under the cliff and on rocks twelve feet above the raging incoming tide.’
    • ‘A licence was finally granted but even then, despite intermittent incidents of raw sewage coming back onto the beach with the incoming tide, work on the project has still been delayed.’
    • ‘But although his metal detector could be used in water, David, a member of York and District Metal Detecting Club, was soon forced to abandon the search because of the incoming tide.’
    • ‘When carriages and horses took the perilous shortcut from Lancaster to Kendal a number came to grief, sucked under the sands, or overtaken by an incoming tide, racing at the speed of a galloping horse.’
    • ‘She pointed out Private Iverson's father, with his face pressed up against the glass looking out to the escalator carrying incoming passengers.’
    • ‘They became trapped by the rapidly incoming tide and eventually drowned as rescue teams - who could hear Stewart Rushton's calls for help - worked in vain to locate them.’
    • ‘We could not say man waves to greet incoming passenger, because that second description gives a particular interpretation to the physical action.’
    • ‘But the boys became trapped by the incoming tide and were forced to cling onto a navigation perch used to guide boats along the treacherous river.’
    • ‘In London and the Thames Valley, the Thames Barrier was set to be closed to reduce the impact of the incoming tide on high river levels.’
    • ‘Juvenile salmon use more than one migration path and sea lice can travel large distances on incoming tides.’
    • ‘Currently, there are six doctors working in three shifts to screen the incoming passengers.’
    • ‘It is well-known for its treacherous sands and fast-moving incoming tides.’
    • ‘The teenagers had become stranded by the incoming tides and were brought into shore safe and well at about noon yesterday.’
    • ‘The only motion was that of the incoming tide, stealing smoothly through the forest at one knot.’
    • ‘Belief in a ‘new economy’ and ‘new order’ seemed to hold at bay the incoming tide of the chaos school.’
    arriving, entering
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    1. 1.1(of a communication) being received rather than sent.
      ‘an incoming call’
      • ‘It was an incoming communication from a scrambled source.’
      • ‘It enables air traffic control to send a signal to the airplane that alerts the pilots to incoming communication.’
      • ‘Even non-working phones can be converted to provide a one-touch dial service to 999 and to receive incoming calls for extra reassurance.’
      • ‘Subscribers here can receive incoming mail from anywhere in the world, though sending mails is confined at present to the five States.’
      • ‘Apparently I'm a zillion firmware versions behind, and I no longer receive incoming calls.’
      • ‘Eventually, some members of the community policing group met with the company and negotiated an arrangement that the phones would no longer receive incoming calls.’
      • ‘We cannot phone out and can receive few incoming calls.’
      • ‘The filter could also send statistics on incoming spam back to the antispam software company for checkup and publishing on their Web site.’
      • ‘These tools watch the incoming data and then send alerts (email and even voice mail) when appropriate.’
      • ‘On receiving an incoming request from the client, the web server/container initiates the required servlet.’
      • ‘You can receive incoming text messages, but the sender must be using Windows or MSN Messenger.’
      • ‘Paging mechanisms were created to activate sleeping mobile telephones to receive incoming calls.’
      • ‘An incoming fax that gets sent to that number is converted into an attachment and then routed to your email address.’
      • ‘If you're a heavy user, these numbers should speak for themselves but you'll have to keep your landline to receive incoming calls.’
      • ‘The nearest cell tower picks up these signals and informs the network where to send incoming calls.’
      • ‘The server software takes an incoming message and sends the message to each address on the list.’
      • ‘In one case, the phone would lock on receiving an incoming call from a caller with whose name begins with a letter at the wrong end of the alphabet.’
      • ‘He suggests that if the applicants were conspirators they would not have used the Grapevine to receive incoming faxes.’
      • ‘My fax machine broadcasts back a line of text to a machine sending incoming faxes.’
      • ‘However, customers will still only be able to receive incoming calls and make outgoing emergency calls.’
    2. 1.2(of an official or administration) having just been elected or appointed to succeed another.
      ‘the incoming Labour government’
      • ‘Caden Martin was the student body incoming Treasurer and President of the Debate Club.’
      • ‘Kathleen Hosey in her capacity as Federation CDA congratulated the incoming officers in their appointments.’
      • ‘Although he had lost his bid for re-election, Parker legally remained in office until the incoming administration was sworn in.’
      • ‘His incoming administration must place top priority on achieving the goal of national harmony and unity, which is vitally necessary to lift the nation into the group of advanced countries.’
      • ‘Can this incoming administration, given the narrowly divided Congress, get tax cuts passed without significant Democratic support?’
      • ‘In particular, major economic organizations and foreign companies have expressed deep concerns on the labor policy proposed by the incoming administration.’
      • ‘Tom, are we being a little too hard on the incoming administration by saying they're sort of limiting the amount of oxygen for the media?’
      • ‘With the new incoming administration this is a better time than ever to look at the export opportunities for companies in Yorkshire and Humber’
      • ‘So the incoming administration should listen carefully to the voice of the junior prosecutors.’
      • ‘Any incoming administration would be ill advised to get on my bad side early in the game.’
      • ‘The incoming administration will face a difficult set of industrial policy requirements to grow employment and create the wealth upon which so much of its programme will be predicated.’
      • ‘The system was planned only in the sense that we knew how we could help incoming officials, if only they would let us, and we had some sense of how they could help us.’
      • ‘As outgoing division president, I give my best wishes to the incoming officers and my gratitude to those who have made my work with the division so rewarding.’
      • ‘John Pat also commented on the achievements of the club in the past number of years and wished the incoming officers, and the teams every success in the future.’
      • ‘Wishing the incoming officers all the best she gave a few pointers to help them in their new positions such as good communication between officers and members and that all members be involved in decision making.’
      • ‘He thanked the players, also those who gave a commitment to their county in 2002, and wished the incoming management of all teams the best of luck in 2003.’
      • ‘Billy told the meeting that he was not seeking re-election as Chairperson but wished the incoming officers and committee continued success in the year ahead.’
      • ‘He wished the incoming officers every success.’
      • ‘While hopes have faded that the incoming chancellor will have a free hand in driving through economic reforms, O'Neill says that the valuation story remains intact.’
      • ‘We would like to thank the outgoing officers and committee for their service during the year and we would like to welcome on board our incoming officers and Committee.’
      succeeding, new, next, future, soon to take office
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    3. 1.3British Coming to settle in a country; immigrant.
      ‘incoming Indonesian settlers’
      • ‘It was settled when incoming workers agreed to work permanent night shifts.’
      • ‘In fact, it should be required of all incoming immigrants!’
      • ‘America meant many things to incoming immigrants.’
      • ‘The accidents of history that produced the four nations of Britain happened partly because of the dynamic interaction between native tribes and incoming settlers.’
      • ‘Some continued in use well into the first millennium AD, and were perhaps amongst the first settlements encountered by the incoming early Celtic saints.’

plural noun

  • Revenue; income.

    ‘keep an account of your incomings and outgoings’
    • ‘The broker said: ‘It might sound reckless, but lenders should still check your incomings and outgoings to make sure you can afford the repayments.’’
    • ‘I have more control over outgoings than I do incomings.’
    • ‘The size of the loan is worked out by looking at the buyer's incomings and outgoings, as well as the ability to repay the loan.’
    • ‘Fr. Tom McDonnell, treasurer, provided details of incomings and outgoings of funds and finished with the excellent news that the society now holds its site free of all debt.’
    • ‘I moved in with Nicky, and we totted up our incomings and outgoings, both at that time and for when Nicky would be off work.’
    • ‘The data on wages and the number of employees are divided as between those paid hourly, weekly and monthly, while incomings are divided into different product groups.’
    • ‘Vowed to take better care of your finances, bought one of those little red cashflow books, ruled into narrow blue feint columns, pledged to note in it your incomings and outgoings, create for yourself a budget?’
    • ‘Moving the health authority out of the red will be a huge challenge, but Mr Jones was confident he could balance incomings and outgoings by 2006-07.’
    • ‘Tomorrow I am planning to start pushing myself under the noses of galleries again, as this seems the simplest way of increasing my incomings right now.’
    • ‘My outgoings were less than my incomings this month… and about blinking time too.’
    income, revenue, receipts, takings, profits, gains, proceeds, turnover, yield, dividend, money received
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