Significado de incompletion en en inglés


Pronunciación /ɪnkəmˈpliːʃ(ə)n/


  • 1mass noun The state of lacking something or of having failed to complete something.

    ‘humans with their profound sense of incompletion’
    • ‘This sense of incompletion, of unfinishedness, can keep us open to possibility, a way of thinking represented in Mason & Dixon by the imagined world inside the earth.’
    • ‘The first big effect is a sense of striving, a sense that combines hope with a feeling of incompletion.’
    • ‘Adam the second, in contrast, emerges in his selfhood not through self-expansion, but through a sense of incompletion and retraction.’
    • ‘His griefs are irritation and rage at incompletion.’
    • ‘His silence, to me, is a world of things left unsaid, of unresolved tension, incompletion, a giant pause in my emotional functioning.’
    • ‘Since there was an air of incompletion, scribes had to ask the organisers whether any seminar was to follow.’
    • ‘The recurrence of the ghost, an archetypal figure of incompletion, implies that a self-perpetuating covenant between the living and the dead has been left in limbo.’
    • ‘Nor can we easily draw a line between the film in its finished state (although that is surely what we are watching) and the many in-process, experimental layers of its ragged, driven, swirling incompletion.’
    • ‘Should the risk of future shuttle flights prove to outweigh the reward and Griffin shuts the program down, Logsdon says, it would certainly doom the International Space Station to incompletion.’
    • ‘And yet, what was this feeling of incompletion?’
    • ‘A half-painted background illustrates an appropriate degree of incompletion, and makes for a literal interpretation of the book's title.’
    • ‘Their largest vision thrives on incompletion.’
    • ‘Carlson, who embraces the postmodern emphasis on incompletion and ambiguity, asks what it would mean to name God from a Heideggerian perspective.’
    • ‘The notion of incompletion and inexhaustibility have been associated with Montaigne's Essays and through them with the essay as a specific genre.’
    • ‘If Bene's cinema is one of constant becoming, of repetition and incompletion, perhaps the most common recurring theme in his scenes is frustration.’
    • ‘Blue is a sense of regret - of a chance encounter and missed opportunity that forms a closed, perpetual cycle of incompletion, loss, and want.’
    • ‘These diagnostic talents, secondly, are in the service of an expectant attitude, bearing the burdens of incompletion.’
    • ‘The inclusion of that track leaves a heavy stain of incompletion at the album's end.’
    • ‘It is, of course, a wholly empty exchange in the sense that writing becomes self-consciously excessive in its incompletion.’
  • 2American Football
    A forward pass which is not caught.

    ‘On Oakland's final four snaps - three incompletions and a catch for no gain - there was just straight coverage.’
    • ‘Favre threw three straight incompletions after having been frustrated for much of the second half with a total of 21 rushing yards and the Vikings' defenders draped all over Driver.’
    • ‘When you consider three of Manning's incompletions were blatant throwaways, he had an outstanding night.’
    • ‘Many of McNown's incompletions have been the result of not knowing where his receivers will be, as opposed to his inability to deliver the ball precisely.’
    • ‘In 164 pass attempts in those games, he hasn't thrown more than three straight incompletions.’