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mass noun
  • The state of being incongruous; incompatibility.

    ‘the incongruity of his fleshy face and skinny body disturbed her’
    • ‘the movie presents numerous incongruities and reversals’
    • ‘Guyana is a place of strange contrasts, unexpected juxtapositions, curious incongruities.’
    • ‘Streets that seem like collages brought to life, full of strange incongruities that could only seem natural in the sedatory stillness of the suburb.’
    • ‘The sheer oddness of the way the place functioned, the incongruity between functioning and pretension.’
    • ‘The girls will screech when she says this, fall about laughing, because for someone so tiny and sweet, the incongruity of these words is hilarious, and she knows it.’
    • ‘The whole idea of a ‘soap opera’ suggests an overt incongruity between the daily mundaneness of the narrative and the lofty form it takes.’
    inappropriateness, incongruousness, unsuitability, lack of harmony, discordance, inharmoniousness, dissonance, incompatibility, inconsistency, difference, disparity, discrepancy, irreconcilability
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/ˌɪnkənˈɡruːɪti/ /ˌɪŋkəŋˈɡruːɪti/