Meaning of inconstantly in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈkɒnst(ə)ntli/


See inconstant

‘Pseudohole disappears inconstantly after surgery, but its persistence does not preclude good postoperative visual recovery.’
  • ‘Keeps the head inconstantly and doesn't stay in the sit position.’
  • ‘Fronds simple, or pinnate with the lower pinnae not decresent (small basal pinnae are inconstantly present in Amphineuron)’
  • ‘The analysis of radial force density has to consider the 3-D shape of teeth and overhand, because the radial force density causes vibration and acts on the surface of teeth inconstantly.’
  • ‘Only one who is inconstantly honest in his speech and inconstantly correct in his conduct, who is partial to whatever involves profit to himself to the exclusion of all else, is properly considered a ‘petty man.’’