Meaning of inconvertibly in English:



See inconvertible

‘Do you or any of your colleagues, believe for a moment that sustainability and stewardship are not directly and inconvertibly linked?’
  • ‘It takes a book like the Selfish Gene to convince you inconvertibly.’
  • ‘One consequence of this exercise is that the execution of Socrates can be concluded to be a logical redundancy as the syllogism had already inconvertibly established the mortality of Socrates prior to any ingestion of hemlock.’
  • ‘Where the gospels show Jesus as physically and inconvertibly present to the apostles, able to eat drink and be touched, Paul, who was writing much earlier, shows the events as entirely similar to his own violent vision, which he compares to an abnormal childbirth.’
  • ‘The Definition of the Council read in part: …We likewise declare that in him are two natural wills and two natural operations indivisibly, inconvertibly, inseparably, inconfusedly, according to the teaching of the holy Fathers.’