Meaning of incorporative in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈkɔːp(ə)rətɪv/


  • Tending to incorporate or include things.

    ‘The first two sections of this paper will demonstrate that, far from acting only as social and spatial dividers (both of which they were in a literal sense), choir screens fulfilled a wide variety of incorporative functions.’
    • ‘There is a sense that this poem is a multi-act opera without one singular or particular narrative, but a magical ‘Bollywood’ production, incorporative, absorptive, dashing.’
    • ‘The incorporative elements of Victorian liberalism were being jettisoned in British and colonial thinking, replaced by the loose amalgam of ideas sometimes called Social Darwinism.’
    • ‘In some classical accounts of atonement, this incorporative power is discussed in terms of an exchange or substitution.’
    • ‘Each appearance of the midnight blue wool and gold brocade serves as a tribute to both visionary king Lewanika and his incorporative strategies.’