Meaning of incorporeity in English:



See incorporeal

‘In its incorporeity, it is a ready scapegoat word, like State, Establishment, the Right, the Left.’
  • ‘A church is the ideal place for a work concerning the incorporeity of vocation.’
  • ‘Thought of the divine incorporeity was suggested by absence of any altar-image.’
  • ‘Again this was in a tradition; the Romans since Gaius were well used to the reification of legal concepts, of incorporeities, of mental objects.’
  • ‘The panel is found at the opening part of the second part of the book, which deals with establishing the proofs of God's existence, incorporeity and oneness.’



/ˌɪnkɔːpəˈriːɪti/ /ˌɪnkɔːpəˈreɪɪti/