Meaning of incorrectness in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnkəˈrɛktnəs/


See incorrect

‘Now the political incorrectness of lighting up has taken the war on cigarettes from the realm of everyday life to a place where the curtain seems set to fall on the art of smoking in public performances.’
  • ‘Yet, in its clumsiness and incorrectness, it more accurately conveys Pamela's sense that she has done nothing wrong, though she is made to feel as if she has.’
  • ‘His conclusion in particular was stirring in its content and delivery, and very welcome in its determined political incorrectness.’
  • ‘If the incorrectness of that treatment had been established in early 2002, then a VAT-free fee of 17.625% could have been charged for that second VAT period and all later periods.’
  • ‘Indeed the book deliberately oversteps any fine lines of political correctness to ventilate the incorrectness of anger and cynicism, the voicing of nasty things that are felt and festering, but usually left unspoken.’