Meaning of incorrupt in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnkəˈrʌpt/


  • (especially of a human body) not having undergone decomposition.

    ‘There are other quirky problems surrounding the phenomenon of incorrupt bodies of saints.’
    • ‘There was a trip to France to see something called the incorrupt saint, and possibly a position.’
    • ‘We are even inclined to acknowledge someone's holiness if she lies incorrupt in a glass case.’
    • ‘Among these popes is Boniface VIII, who died in 1303 and whose body was also found incorrupt in 1605.’
    • ‘The still incorrupt hand was enshrined, some 400 years later, when a little Catholic Church was re-established in Ely.’
    honourable, honest, trustworthy, dependable, worthy, respectable, upright, clean-living, incorrupt, virtuous, good, ethical, moral


Late Middle English from Latin incorruptus, from in- ‘not’ + corruptus ‘destroyed, marred’ (see corrupt).