Meaning of incorruptibly in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɪnkəˈrʌptɪbli/


See incorruptible

‘Orwell saw the merit of the English judges as lying in their interpretation of the law according to the books and in their doing so incorruptibly.’
  • ‘The good is rescued from the forces of cynicism and betrayal by a hero who is simply yet incorruptibly himself: his guilelessness is a kind of saving grace.’
  • ‘And he knew that she actually enjoyed sharing and keeping those secrets, that she was incorruptibly loyal to him.’
  • ‘It isn't as if a democratic election acted as a magnet, pointing a nation resolutely and incorruptibly toward liberty.’
  • ‘So ‘if there was no field of creativity that was incorruptibly pure, where did that leave humanism?’’