Meaning of incrassate in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈkraseɪt/


  • Thickened in form or consistency.

    ‘Under the microscope, a stem section is needed to demonstrate the small, incrassate epidermal cells.’
    • ‘This species was reported to have incrassate flagellomeres in the male only, those of the female being slender.’
    • ‘Antenna distally incrassate in both sexes and, in female, strongly clavate.’
    • ‘They differ from Botocudo and most other antillocorines by the presence of all trichobothria of the fifth abdominal sternite located anterior to the spiracle of the same segment, fore femora incrassate and armed ventrally with spines in both sexes, and the males with a large distally curved spine at the base of the fore femur.’
    • ‘The characters which distinguish this genus from Pentarthrum are the obviously basally contracted rostrum, deep broad scrobes, short scape, incrassate elytral margins, strongly singly rounded apices, and sutural notch, these last two being quite exceptional features amongst the Cossonidae.’


Late 15th century from late Latin incrassatus ‘made thick’, past participle of incrassare.