Meaning of incriminatory in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈkrɪmɪnət(ə)ri/


See incriminate

‘Either counsel had agreed or the judge had ruled (correctly in our view) that these were incriminatory admissions which had not been made under caution and should not, therefore, go before the jury.’
  • ‘The defendant in domestic proceedings had argued that national law was incompatible with Community law because it was obliged to produce incriminatory evidence.’
  • ‘The open mind and willingness to change, when a different direction is identified, might be a better, and less incriminatory way forward for a county which cannot afford to lose any supportive voice or money.’
  • ‘Months after they suspected a new regime was required, and weeks after they opted to effect that change, there are still no incriminatory words coming from the committee.’
  • ‘It seems that the incriminatory photos were taken in the vicinity of Decani.’