Meaning of incurrence in English:



See incur

‘In broad terms, what they attempted to do was to quarantine the deductions that were incurred in respect of matters where the incurrence was by reference to the production of income off-shore.’
  • ‘However, this can be overcome by appropriate revenue-enhancing incentive conditions in the contract and the incurrence of monitoring and enforcement costs.’
  • ‘The loans must be prepaid with net cash proceeds of any non-ordinary course asset sales and certain insurance proceeds, as well as proceeds of certain incurrences of indebtedness.’
  • ‘Municipalities worldwide are expanding their sewage treatment facilities, resulting in a higher incurrence of sludge which is often difficult and expensive to dispose of.’
  • ‘Expenses are decreases in economic benefits or service potential during the reporting period in the form of outflows or consumption of assets or incurrences of liabilities that result in decreases in equity, other than those relating to distributions to owners.’