Meaning of indaba in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈdɑːbə/

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South African
  • 1A discussion or conference.

    ‘Again in two national indabas in Johannesburg, stakeholders admitted that the Boxing Act of 1954 needed to be revamped.’
    • ‘These members served on the committee which facilitated two national boxing indabas held in Johannesburg this year.’
    • ‘We need to find ways in which we engage the hoi polloi, the so-called masses, in public discourse through indabas, town hall forums, so that no one feels marginalised… their point of view matters, it counts.’
    • ‘He said the housing indaba had been postponed because there had been issues for discussion that required the participation of the premier.’
    • ‘We can also introduce activities like sports indabas where we can meet and share views.’
  • 2 informal One's own problem or concern.

    • ‘this country is our indaba and no one else's’
    • ‘If we fail to shake off the vestiges of colonialism this is our own indaba, not the dead colonialists' as far as I am concerned.’


Xhosa and Zulu, ‘discussion’.