Meaning of indefatigably in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɪndɪˈfatɪɡəbli/

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See indefatigable

‘The spirit of industrialism, which is indefatigably active in the development of trade relations, undermines the warlike spirit.’
  • ‘He was all kinds of an artist - poet, sculptor, architect, painter - and although he worked with the irregularity of true genius, he worked indefatigably when once he began.’
  • ‘She is the dinner guest every hostess covets, the indefatigably charming conversation partner who, no matter how obscure the topic, keeps things going.’
  • ‘It was a lesson he preached indefatigably, and with unshakeable self-confidence, to newspapers, Cabinet ministers, fellow anthropologists, and community groups.’
  • ‘From his very first words, Victor claims to have been born to two indefatigably affectionate parents in an environment of abundant knowledge.’