Meaning of India pale ale in English:

India pale ale


mass noun
  • A type of light-coloured beer similar to bitter, typically with a higher than average alcohol and hop content.

    ‘India pale ale has become the top-selling craft beer style’
    • ‘this independent brewery recently introduced an India pale ale’
    • ‘The company is considering producing a light-coloured harvest beer or India pale ale later this year.’
    • ‘A London brewer is credited with inventing India Pale Ale (IPA) near then end of the 18th century.’
    • ‘India pale ale is a beer style with historical significance.’
    • ‘The double imperial India Pale Ale is dark gold with little head and not as overtly hoppy as expected, but it's quite crisp.’
    • ‘Traditional India Pale Ale was brewed with a high hop bitterness and alcohol content to protect it from infection on the long sea journey from England to India.’


Mid 19th century brewed with a higher alcohol and hop content so as remain drinkable when exported by sea to British colonies.