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India rubber

Pronunciación /ɪndɪə ˈrʌbə/

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mass noun
  • Natural rubber.

    ‘The ball the schoolboys originally swatted was a globe of vulcanized India rubber pierced with a hole.’
    • ‘Five hundred pairs of India rubber boots were imported to Boston, Massachusetts, in 1823.’
    • ‘Although latex was tapped from trees in parts of Assam, all the rubber from the East Indies got to be called India rubber.’
    • ‘In 1834, Richard Cook used India rubber for surgical gloves.’
    • ‘At the Paris Exposition in 1867, the displayed a model of a Harris Hospital Car and the India rubber rings used to support the stretchers.’
    • ‘He just threw me round the room as if I were an India rubber ball, and when I tried any throw, he simply wasn't there any longer.’