Meaning of Indianism in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɪndɪənɪz(ə)m/


  • 1mass noun Devotion to or adoption of the customs and culture of North American Indians.

    ‘But in too many schools and districts, the gestures toward cultural curriculum are based on stereotypical notions of monolithic Indianism - the noble or downtrodden Red Man.’
    • ‘Indigenism must not be confused with Indianism or local color.’
  • 2A word or idiom characteristic of Indian English or North American Indians.

    ‘After years in North America, I can say that immigrants from India to this continent are often noticed for their distinct way of speaking English and for their use of ‘Indianisms’.’
    • ‘Yet the use of the English literary idiom does not detract from the simultaneous use of ‘Indianisms’, colourful expressions and metaphors drawn from Marathi idiom and oral narrative traditions of India.’
    • ‘To his credit, there are Indianisms still in Narayan's work, untouched by any putative editorial insularity.’
    • ‘Alok Rai renders Nirmala with confident ease and flair and an occasional Indianism; he also provides a sophisticated discussion of the mode of melodrama which Premchand is said to resort to.’