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‘The indirectness of the process invites a certain familiarity.’
  • ‘With a cultural group in which indirectness is more valued, family members should not be pushed to make demands of others without trying gentle appeals and negotiation first.’
  • ‘The indirectness of this approach relates to the pragmatics of the culture: the Navajo avoid speaking for another person or controlling the behavior of others.’
  • ‘There are varying degrees of directness and indirectness concerning a teacher's intervention, yet the intended purpose of changing behavior is the same.’
  • ‘Older and newly arrived Vietnamese Americans often display indirectness and extreme politeness in dealing with others.’
  • ‘The indirectness of memory, in contrast to the directness of retention, however, remains somewhat obscure.’



/ˌɪndɪˈrɛk(t)nəs/ /ˌɪndʌɪˈrɛk(t)nəs/