Meaning of indistinctly in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɪndɪsˈtɪŋktli/

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See indistinct

‘Throughout this piece bear in mind that my interlocutor mumbled indistinctly, and therefore I had to ask him to repeat everything.’
  • ‘‘Neurotic behaviors were conceived as continuous with normal behaviors, the two blurring indistinctly into each other,’ he writes.’
  • ‘Sometimes she speaks indistinctly and we put the words together ourselves; sometimes we can't make out what she's saying or the words don't make sense.’
  • ‘I've never had a message from anyone speaking so quickly or indistinctly before.’
  • ‘‘I will be going now,’ he said, running his fingers through his blonde hair and looking indistinctly towards the west.’