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Pronunciation /ˌɪndɪˈvɪdʒʊəli/

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  • 1One by one; singly; separately.

    ‘individually wrapped cheeses’
    • ‘This was done by the data collector for each patient individually in a separate room.’
    • ‘The two sides did a lot of talking today - not individually, but rather separately in their own camps.’
    • ‘Targets are separated and individually managed and displayed on situational displays.’
    • ‘The only way to add more than one photo at once is to select each photo individually in separate upload fields.’
    • ‘In this sense, then, the worker, individually, is separated from, or alienated from, that product.’
    • ‘They are asked to examine each one individually and decide its worthiness.’
    • ‘Each star is individually wrapped, has a gift tag attached and costs just €2.’
    • ‘Every sentence was then individually examined for possible meanings and implications.’
    • ‘Each endowment case will be different and should be examined individually.’
    • ‘He opened up one of the individually wrapped candies, and popped one in his mouth.’
    • ‘The spokesman for the Ombudsman said that each case was examined individually.’
    • ‘Participants were tested individually in a small room that was free from distractions.’
    • ‘However we feel that they do not have sufficient man power to guard every room individually.’
    • ‘With a population of three million and several hundred individually named streets, it's easy to get lost in Toronto.’
    • ‘They were probably separated by earlier collectors to sell individually.’
    • ‘Discrepancies were individually adjudicated considering all available data.’
    • ‘We look at each case individually and give an independent adjudication.’
    • ‘This is particularly helpful when naming files individually or in deciding which files to rename or not.’
    • ‘But then, I'm not a big fan of individually wrapped cheese slices either…’
    • ‘Buy them individually or save over £8 by buying the complete set, see the special offer at the bottom of the page. supplied unpainted’
    one at a time, one by one, singly, separately, independently, discretely, apart
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    1. 1.1In a distinctive manner.
      ‘Dublin people dress more individually than people in London’
      • ‘Their tone was well-blended when need be but individually distinctive when called for.’
      • ‘We all order the same dish, off a set menu, but in our individually distinctive voices.’
      • ‘The bedrooms range from standard, superior and deluxe to suites, all en-suite and individually designed and decorated.’
      • ‘Apparently they are all individually designed and handmade and some are one-of-a-kind pieces.’
      • ‘Every bedroom at Stobo Castle is individually designed and mix a traditional style with quirky touches.’
      • ‘All individually designed, the names should give you a rough idea of their content.’
      • ‘It comes down in flakes, each one individually designed with six points.’
      • ‘Glencull House is the first property to come onto the market in this small estate where each house has been individually designed.’
      • ‘Later on, Blanc takes me on a tour of the bedrooms, each of which is, essentially, an individually designed and named fantasy.’
      • ‘Each store is designed individually within the rules set up in the company bible.’
      • ‘All apartments are individually designed to give a unique look and feel to each property.’
      • ‘And if caps and hoods are banned, it may just inspire others to dress more individually and think up a new fashion craze.’
      • ‘All the rooms are individually designed and a brasserie and bar serves classic French dishes and drink.’
      • ‘Each room or suite is individually appointed, and thus no two are alike.’
      • ‘Its rooms are individually decorated and it has a fully-licensed restaurant offering a variety of wedding styles.’
  • 2Personally; in an individual capacity.

    ‘partnerships and individually owned firms’
    • ‘If an issue affects someone personally and individually, then the communication should be one to one, face to face.’
    • ‘Democracy, after all, is not about which personality we, individually, like or dislike.’
    • ‘They have different personalities and react individually to their bereavement.’
    • ‘A wedge is driven between what people want individually and what society wants as a collective.’
    • ‘This is not a case where the clinical judgment of any person individually or collectively should be subjected to independent scrutiny.’
    • ‘This rule has its origin in the 19th century when anyone suing a partnership had to sue every partner individually.’
    • ‘Political candidates may be invited in their capacity as candidates, or individually.’
    • ‘Each person must answer that question individually, and I believe we all need to know the answer.’
    • ‘Below this critical ratio, most competitors move individually and tend to separate.’
    • ‘All booked individually apart from one married couple, two pairs of friends, and two mothers with daughters.’
    • ‘I think you have to give the impression that you're talking to everybody individually in the room.’
    • ‘Finally, he said he would come to each room and introduce himself individually to each passenger.’
    • ‘Others began individually booking hotel rooms and plane tickets on the Internet.’
    • ‘A number of Australian shooters distinguished themselves individually.’
    • ‘They make the sign of the cross and say grace silently and individually.’