Meaning of indivisibly in English:


Pronunciation /ɪndɪˈvɪzɪbli/


See indivisible

‘Outlining its 10 lessons for Government, the Trust says the epidemic showed that the health of farming and the prosperity of rural areas were indivisibly linked.’
  • ‘For one afternoon, at least, it was grievously simple: Britons and Americans gathered, indivisibly, to mourn a shared massacre.’
  • ‘Here they are bound indivisibly by a set of ideas.’
  • ‘All of these things are indivisibly associated with spending money.’
  • ‘My countrymen ask this question, because they believe that terrorism is an indivisible evil and that the war against terror must be fought indivisibly.’
  • ‘However, I think that narrative is indivisibly fused with the theoretical enterprise, for several reasons.’