Meaning of inductivist in English:


noun & adjective

See inductivism

‘Put bluntly, he is an old-fashioned empiricist and inductivist.’
  • ‘On the inductivist's view the link between wincing and groaning, on the one hand, and the inner experience of pain, on the other, is a merely contingent one.’
  • ‘It's not so much that Popper disagreed with Carnap and other inductivists as that he restated their views in a bizarre and cumbersome terminology.’
  • ‘Furthermore, even if psychoanalysis is not a ‘science’ given some agreed upon scientific inductivist canons, it may nevertheless be more or less true.’
  • ‘It may give a more reasonable account of rule learning than either structuralist or inductivist conceptions of learning.’
  • ‘It is mapped onto the restrictor of the generic quantifier, hence an inductivist reading is available.’