Meaning of ineffably in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈɛfəbli/

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‘He said: ‘Lists like this are so ineffably stupid, competitive and whimsical they make me despair.’’
  • ‘But without looking, touching, and feeling that unique thrill one gets in the presence of something ineffably beautiful and satisfying, they didn't want to.’
  • ‘The ineffably camp Shaana warned us yoga would be strenuous, and man did he deliver.’
  • ‘There is something ineffably beautiful about the voices and ensembles in that music.’
  • ‘He is careful to sound ineffably boring about things that are going wrong.’
  • ‘Medical anthropology, which is in essence ineffably applied, is deeply embedded in the tradition of ‘usefulness’ and ‘practice’ either directly or by implication.’