Meaning of inerrant in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈɛr(ə)nt/


  • Incapable of being wrong.

    ‘they believed in an inerrant scripture’
    • ‘And the more we can debate, the more we can debate in good faith, and understand that maybe there's not just one answer, there is not just one inerrant answer, I think the better off we are going to be.’
    • ‘You are right in saying that the various Hadith are not always accorded the same weight, but I have taken the above straight from the Qur'an - considered by all Muslims to be the inerrant word of Allah.’
    • ‘We believe that the Scripture is from beginning to conclusion the very word of God, inerrant and inspired by the Holy Spirit.’
    • ‘A literal, inerrant understanding of the Bible is still demanded in some parts of the Lutheran family.’
    • ‘Our saving faith is not built on the finding of Noah's Ark, but on the inerrant Word of the infallible creator God.’


Mid 19th century from Latin inerrant- ‘fixed’, from in- ‘not’ + errant- ‘erring’ (see errant).