Meaning of inertia selling in English:

inertia selling

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mass nounBritish
  • The sending of unsolicited goods to potential customers in the hope of making a sale.

    ‘According to the OFT, signing up customers without their active consent (referred to as ‘inertia selling’) is a breach of the 1974 Consumer Credit Act.’
    • ‘The OFT ruled that this ‘inertia selling’ was a breach of the Consumer Credit Act, leading to a public rebuke for the company.’
    • ‘He was a victim of what the industry calls “inertia selling”: unless you specifically untick a box you automatically get travel insurance.’
    • ‘Inertia selling (also called negative marketing) is one of the worst marketing/selling practices ever and it has finally been banned locally. In short it is when you are subscribed to a service (usually a paid service) because you never indicated you didn't want to be.’