Meaning of inexpressibly in English:



See inexpressible

‘If the inexpressibly terrible is a sign of modern times, then Goya is not the prophet of modernity but the ultimate foreseer of the modern nightmare.’
  • ‘I didn't know what to say; at that moment, I lacked entirely a language for articulating what I was feeling, what I wanted to say, how inexpressibly angry and ashamed I was.’
  • ‘It is inexpressibly beautiful and I will be sad when it's over.’
  • ‘Perhaps that was what made so many so inexplicably, inexpressibly angry.’
  • ‘I was uncomfortable and sticky and nervous - but also inexpressibly happy.’



/ˌɪnɪkˈsprɛsɪbli/ /ˌɪnɛkˈsprɛsɪbli/