Meaning of infante in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈfanteɪ/

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  • A son of the ruling monarch of Spain or Portugal other than the heir to the throne, specifically the second son.

    ‘It splintered into hundreds of competing chieftainships, all led by infantes claiming descent from Afonso I, all variously cooperative or mercenary, and all dependent on the slave trade for their survival.’
    • ‘From 1770 Boccherini was composer and performer to the infante, Don Luis, at Aranjuez and later at Avila, a position he held until Don Luis died in 1785.’
    • ‘All Infantes in the different kingdoms were and are always royal princes, in the general meaning of the word.’
    • ‘Carlos became a naturalised Spanish subject and was granted the title Infante of Spain on 7 February 1901.’


Mid 16th century Spanish and Portuguese, from Latin infans, infant- (see infant).