Meaning of infected in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈfɛktɪd/

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  • 1(of a person, organism, etc.) affected with a disease-causing organism.

    ‘rabies results from a bite by an infected dog’
    • ‘A Swiss scientist, who performed an autopsy on one of the infected animals, contracted the disease but later recovered.’
    • ‘Birds also catch the virus from mosquitoes, and infected birds can transmit it to the mosquitoes that bite them.’
    • ‘Milk from the infected cattle could also not be used on calves, so the economic loss was "very big", she said.’
    • ‘The antibodies recognize infected cells and trigger the immune system to kill them off.’
    • ‘When an infected child displays symptoms, their parents and carers can also become sick/’
    • ‘New research shows that infected crabs can rid themselves of parasites by moving into the less salty water of estuaries.’
    • ‘Infected deer and elk may allow unusually close approach by humans or natural predators.’
    • ‘It is not known whether the infected dog must actually show visible lesions to be contagious.’
    • ‘Scientists were able to collect large numbers of white blood cells from infected individuals.’
    • ‘Infected individuals typically start showing symptoms two weeks following exposure.’
    • ‘A tendency towards lower energy, carbohydrate, protein, and fat intakes was observed in infected patients.’
    • ‘The parasites travel through the infected person's blood to the liver.’
    • ‘Infected people often do not have symptoms.’
    1. 1.1(of air, water, etc.) contaminated with harmful organisms.
      ‘the bacteria can get into a crop from an infected water supply’
      • ‘We ate at roadside dhabas and probably drank infected water.’
      • ‘All subjects were unrelated and reported regular contact with infected water through agricultural and daily activities.’
      • ‘Theoretically, cracking a window next to your sneezing office neighbor would help circulate out infected air, but chances are it won't do much to protect you.’
      • ‘This is not surprising when so many passengers are seated in close quarters breathing and exhaling infected air.’
      • ‘The infected lakes and ponds did not look like the uninfected ones, neither in regard to the vegetation nor in regard to the geological characteristics.’
      • ‘Swimming in an infected lake, or eating uncooked pork or dirty fruits and vegetables could have got the parasite into his body.’
      • ‘Contracted and spread by drinking infected water, Guinea worm affects some of the world's most vulnerable people.’
      • ‘A potentially fatal bacterial disease passed to humans through animals and infected water.’
      • ‘The disease is so devastating because, once it is there, it is almost always present in the environment, and easily transmissible through contact with infected water.’
      • ‘Infected water can also spread the illness, though this more commonly occurs in developing countries.’
    2. 1.2Computing Affected with a virus.
      ‘malicious code designed to steal information from infected computers’
      • ‘A Trojan can give a malicious party remote access to an infected computer.’
      • ‘It downloads and installs the WinRAR archiving utility, which it then uses to compress and password-protect stolen information before extracting it from an infected computer.’
      • ‘A desktop firewall will also stop unsolicited outbound traffic from infected computers.’
      • ‘The campaign dispatched a computer security team to cleanse the their infected computers.’
      • ‘The FBI converted those machines into legitimate DNS computers last year to ensure that infected computers would still have online access.’
      • ‘This can trigger a series of enforcement activities to mitigate the effect of the malware on the infected device and corporate assets.’
      • ‘The malware purports to be antivirus software, but it really just locks up the infected device until the user hands over a payment for the "full version" of the "security app".’
      • ‘IBM recommends that anyone in possession of an infected flash drive securely destroy it.’
      • ‘After collecting the IP addresses of every infected machine that contacted their server, they sent a remote "stop" command to disable the malware on them.’
      • ‘The malware intercepts all the communication channels and collects the most vital information from the infected system.’