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[with object]
  • 1Implant or insert firmly in something.

    ‘the particles of mercury will infix themselves in the structure of the other metal’
    • ‘it is a habit of thought deeply infixed in modern readers’
    • ‘The infixing structure is utilized to secure fixing of the lampshades at any position on the conducting support tubes.’
    • ‘Conventional dart tags were infixed on 1871 sailfish from 15 April 1996.’
    ground-in, fixed, infixed, planted, implanted, embedded
  • 2Grammar
    Insert (a formative element) into the body of a word.

    ‘You don't say like in English I talked - I will talk, but infixing, you have morphemes which are within the root.’
    • ‘The text which sparked this query to the List was an analysis of expletive infixing.’
    • ‘A linguist enthusiastically explained to me that swearing is the only example of infixing in the English language and I was happy, for I had learned something.’
    enter, put, introduce, incorporate, interpolate, interpose, interject, inset, infix, build





  • A formative element inserted in a word.

    ‘The suffixes and infixes are organized under two headings: nouns, adjectives, and pronouns and verbs.’
    • ‘In the following table, we give the prefix and infix notations and the corresponding expansions.’
    • ‘After excluding unusual ones not used in modem Spanish, there are still about sixty derivatives for a single verb, and many of the transformation rules are irregular, both in suffixes and in infixes.’
    • ‘The infixes are fewer and less useful to you.’
    • ‘The case infixes are closely related to lexicon entries.’





Early 16th century from Latin infix- ‘fixed in’, from the verb infigere, from in- ‘into’ + figere ‘fasten’, reinforced by in-‘into’ + fix. The noun is on the pattern of prefix and suffix.