Meaning of inflatable in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈfleɪtəb(ə)l/

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  • Capable of being filled with air.

    ‘an inflatable mattress’
    • ‘Special synthetic fabrics were used to recreated snow and competitors landed on inflatable mattresses.’
    • ‘This is not an issue, as we can take the inflatable mattress.’
    • ‘For 18 months they lived with mattresses on the bedroom floors, a telly, inflatable armchairs and their games consoles.’
    • ‘When someone says inflatable hospital, images of a jumping castle filled with doctors spring to mind.’
    • ‘As well as the usual horse and dog shows, there were activities for children including bouncy castles, rodeo rides and inflatable slides.’
    • ‘Gosh, there's even a humungous, inflatable snowman standing on the thoroughfare of a local shopping centre.’
    • ‘This too will be the venue for the Festival Regatta when inflatable dinghies will race from Barrow Bridge to Spa Bridge.’
    • ‘He said some passengers used inflatable slides to get out of the plane in the blowing snow, while others got out on stairs at the rear of the plane.’
    • ‘To prevent future problems, says the report, four inflatable boats are being purchased at a cost of £2,400.’
    • ‘What on earth would you do with a 60 ft inflatable Father Christmas?’
    • ‘The pair were pulled free by firefighters standing on inflatable pathways following a 75-minute ordeal.’
    • ‘Swing boats, carousels, inflatable sumo wrestlers and rodeo-style bucking broncos are among a host of rides booked.’
    • ‘Nobody has done much with inflatable buildings for years; now, suddenly, the technology has taken a leap forward.’
    • ‘The company's inflatable tube is part of the first airbag system that also provides protection in roll-over accidents.’
    • ‘Pirates in two 25 ft rigid inflatable boats approached the liner and started shooting as they tried to get on board.’
    • ‘It's a big, inflatable environment which travels around festivals in Europe.’
    • ‘You can also clamber into a tank, helicopter or inflatable boat.’
    • ‘After remembering inflatable tubes on roofs, I thought of another story about things on roofs.’
    • ‘Some lucky student even walked away with inflatable furniture, an essential in any student flat.’
    • ‘The service has also taken delivery of four decontamination units, which resemble inflatable showers.’


  • A plastic or rubber object that must be filled with air before use.

    ‘three sailors manned the inflatable’
    • ‘So I sat and flew my tiny little kite for a while and watched the much bigger inflatables and other kites fill the sky above.’
    • ‘Apart from the regular Giant Wheel and inflatables, fun for young kids is surely going to be at the Animal World section here.’
    • ‘Dive-boats have evolved from flimsy inflatables and barely recycled fishing vessels into custom-designed dive platforms with diver lifts and state of the art wreck-finding technology.’
    • ‘But this is Italy, and when I was there I noted unattended inflatables flying A-flags and anchored over it on several occasions.’
    • ‘As a metal sculpture, its curling ends serve as hooks from which faux inflatables hang.’
    • ‘For the first time inflatables were included in the colourful procession with one band parading a 20 ft blow-up star!’
    • ‘We want to advise people to take more care with inflatables.’
    • ‘One of the big dangers here is when there is an offshore wind and people on inflatables could easily be carried quickly far away from the shore.’
    • ‘We also had face-painting, a barbecue, run by Chippenham Round Table, teacup and swingboat rides and a selection of giant inflatables.’
    • ‘His ocean survival unit holds 12 people and has a curved underwater fibreglass section that should stop high waves and wind upending the craft, unlike traditional flat-bottomed inflatables.’
    • ‘In Skegness and Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire, for example, the number of launches fell this summer, probably following a local campaign about the dangers of inflatables, he added’
    • ‘There were people water-skiing, wake-boarding and towing inflatables at more than 10 mph.’
    • ‘And, there are a large variety of such inflatables, including owl, ferocious looking tiger, jumpy kangaroos, and other members of their kingdom.’
    • ‘‘You know you aren't supposed to take inflatables on the pond,’ she says, looking inconvenienced.’
    • ‘The events, to take place on July 12 and August 23, will involve teams of 10 battling with giant inflatables and each other to win the contest and will end with a gala dinner.’
    • ‘Six inflatables, seven feet tall, will go to town attracting people in all the shopping malls of the twin cities, while every inch of prime space available in vantage points will be taken up.’
    • ‘The children's favourite proved too much for many Essex party-goers, forcing the ambulance service to issue a warning to others thinking of hiring the inflatables.’
    • ‘He said inflatables, dinghies and other tourist craft had been the main reason for calls, although the lifeboat had also helped with a few boats who suffered engine trouble.’
    • ‘The pool, with its inflatables and tubular chute, went down a storm, and the play park was an unexpected little treasure, discovered during our evening walk.’
    • ‘Five people within five hours needed medical attention after a spate of ‘accidents’ involving the inflatables.’